January 13, 2012

Workshop on Combating Illegal Hazardous Waste Trade to Convene in Bangkok

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Laem Chabang Port

Laem Chabang Port

The INECE Seaport Environmental Security Network (SESN) will host its Third Workshop on Combating Illegal Hazardous Waste Trade Through Seaports, on 19-20 January 2012, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The workshop will bring together experts to collaboratively identify, promote, and refine best practices for detecting and deterring illegal shipments of hazardous waste. On the second day of the workshop participants will visit to observe inspection activities, partake in training exercises and discuss enforcement tools and techniques with Thai officials.

The illegal transportation and trade of hazardous waste is an issue of international concern. Countries of origin and countries of destination both look for effective ways to counteract the shipment of such waste streams. Strategic approaches to inspection and enforcement of domestic and international legislation are critical in this respect. Without those, the detrimental effects of such shipments to the environment, to the health of workers and the general public, and to economies will be persistent and growing. The INECE SESN provides a platform for compliance and enforcement professionals working to stop illicit international shipment of waste.

The workshop is an important training opportunity for officials from countries that are participating in the Second INECE SESN International Hazardous Waste Inspection Project at Seaports. As with the first project, each participating country prepares and carries out focused hazardous waste inspections in its own seaports and shares the results with INECE. The Project will provide a means for competent authorities to better evaluate their own capacity for detecting and deterring illegal transboundary movements of hazardous wastes through seaports with the support or tools developed by INECE and international experts. The primary purpose is to build enhanced capacity at ports for more effective inspections of waste shipments through improved multidisciplinary cooperation of officials from environment and customs ministries, police and port officials.


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