January 20, 2011

9th INECE Conference to Explore Mechanisms for Enforcement Cooperation

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Environmental compliance and enforcement experts from around the world will convene in British Columbia, Canada, on 20-24 June 2011, to identify concrete individual and collective actions to advance the global agenda of strengthening environmental compliance and enforcement at all levels of governance.

Convened under the theme of  “Enforcement Cooperation: Strengthening Environmental Governance,” the Conference will demonstrate how enforcement cooperation at all levels is essential for achieving sustainable development objectives. The Conference will feature action-oriented thematic workshops, distinguished keynote speakers, and networking opportunities for more than 150 invited participants, and will include a day for field visits to sites of innovative environmental enforcement initiatives in British Columbia. Prior to the formal opening of the Conference, INECE will sponsor two days dedicated to capacity building and networking events, with a particular focus on advancing and sustaining regional environmental compliance and enforcement networks.

Past INECE conference participants have recognized the great value of the week-long gathering as an exceptional forum for “collective learning among compliance and enforcement professionals” that generated a “clear picture of what needs to be done to achieve effective enforcement.”

Thematic Conference tracks include enforcement challenges across borders; promoting compliance with climate-related requirements; compliance and enforcement strategies; improving implementation of environmental legislation; non-traditional approaches; strengthening compliance institutions; and special topics in network development.

All interested persons are invited to submit original papers for publication in the Conference Proceedings. The first deadline for articles is 14 February 2011. Please see the INECE Conference paper guidelines at http://www.inece.org/.

Please note that Conference participation is by invitation only. Nominations will be made through the regional compliance and enforcement networks. For more information, email inece@inece.org.


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