December 14, 2010

2nd Seaports Workshop Results in Call to Action on Enforcement Cooperation

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The INECE  Seaport Environmental Security Network (SESN) convened its Second Workshop on Combating the Illegal Trade in Hazardous Wastes Through Seaports in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on  29 November 2010.

Participants at the INECE SESN 2nd Workshop on Illegal Trade in Hazardous Wastes Through Seaports

The  INECE SESN  Workshop was attended  by  47 participants from environmental and other enforcement authorities  from  14 countries in the Asia region, as well as from several international organizations.

The full report on the 2nd Workshop on Combating Illegal Trade in Hazardous Wastes Through Seaports: Objectives, Conclusions, and Ways Forward [pdf] is available online. Visit for more information about the workshop, including the agenda, presentations, and the group photograph.

The objectives of the Second INECE SESN Workshop were:

  • To design action-based enforcement cooperation strategies in the Asia region that build capacity of seaport authorities, creating a deterrence factor for illegal shippers.
  • To share experience on intelligence-led approaches and other methods to target enforcement actions and improve detection efficiency.
  • To strengthen informal cooperation among customs, environmental, ports and other government officials at the national and regional levels.

The workshop resulted in a call to action, supporting three major recommendations:

  1. Support the goals of the INECE SESN: Participants underlined that awareness raising, capacity building and practical cooperation are critical to improving the success of frontline officers in the Asia region in counteracting illegal transports of hazardous waste.
  2. Evaluate opportunity to convene a practical enforcement cooperation project in the Asia region:A dedicated international inspection project – such as the International Hazardous Waste Inspection Project at Seaports – would be a viable vehicle to achieve progress in this area.
  3. Promote synergies among organizations and networks dedicated to the issue of implementation of, compliance with, and enforcement of hazardous waste shipping regulations: INECE and other regional/international organizations and networks that focus on implementation, compliance, and enforcement relating to hazardous waste shipment regulations should further liaise and align forces to create synergies and increase positive outcomes in the future.

The workshop immediately preceded the 2010 Workshop of the Asian Network for Prevention of Illegal Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes, which was co-organized by Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, and the Basel Convention Regional Centre for South-East Asia.


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