September 13, 2010

INECE to Deliever Remarks at Interpol Environmental Crimes Conference

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Ken Markowitz will represent the INECE Secretariat at Interpol’s 7th International Environmental Crime Conference, delivering a keynote address on 15 September on the role of transboundary environmental compliance and enforcement networks in controlling environmental crime.

The Conference will bring together many of the world’s responsible law enforcement agencies and stakeholders, and will highlight the theme of Past, Present and Future.

Other press releases and notifications related to the Interpol Conference include:

  • Government computers illegally exported as waste — The Telegraph (UK) explores the national security and environmental concerns associated with dumping computers in developing countries, quoting Environment Agency Chairman Lord Smith in recognizing that “[i]t is clear that there is still not enough being done to prevent electronic waste being exported illegally.”
  • Markets for Wildlife Products in Asia Continue to Threaten Wildlife Resources in Africa — The Institute for Security Studies (Africa)  recognizes that “the growing trade of wildlife products such as ivory and rhino horns means there is demand for the products in some parts/regions of the world, which therefore provide reliable and competitive markets” and the role for “coordinating environmental law enforcement agencies, institutions and stakeholders in curbing cross-border environmental crime.”

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