August 28, 2010

INECE, Honduras Collaborate on Environmental Compliance Performance Measures

Workshop Participants and Facilitators

The INECE Secretariat and the USEPA presented INECE’s capacity building program on performance measurement indicators, along with The Principles of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement course, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on 24-26 August 2010, in cooperation with the Comisión Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarrollo (CCAD) and Honduras’ Secretaría de Recursos Naturales y Ambiente (SERNA).

26 participants from various national agencies in Honduras collaborated during  the three day program to design potential performance indicators for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of programs designed to assure compliance with specific national requirements. The working groups focused on performance measures for compliance with policies related to wastewater and solid waste management.

INECE, in cooperation with the Nicaragua’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, CCAD, and US EPA, convened a two-day workshop in Nicaragua on identifying, designing,and using environmental compliance and enforcement measures.  The workshop occurred simultaneously to events in Managua commemorating the fourth anniversary of Nicaragua signing the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement.

The workshop was proceeded by a one day capacity building program on The Principles of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement.

About INECE’s Work on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Indicators

Environmental compliance and enforcement indicators are instruments that measure results achieved by environmental compliance and enforcement programs. This information helps decision-makers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of those programs.

The Performance Measurement Guidance for Compliance and Enforcement Practitioners  (2nd Edition) developed by INECE’s Expert Working Group on Indicators is available through INECE’s indicators web forum.  Course documentation is available through INECE’s Resource Library on Environmental Compliance Training.

Work in Central America on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Indicators

The work on environmental compliance and enforcement performance measures builds on a series of workshops convened over the past few years in Central America, including in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. For further background information on indicators work in Central America, see CCAD’s web site, including the follow articles:


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