August 12, 2010

IMPEL Publishes Report on Better Regulation in Practice across Member States

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IMPEL LogoIMPEL – the EU network of Environmental regulators – has published a report which shares good practice and provides practical solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory activities such as permitting and inspection.

Applying Better Regulation to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Environmental Inspection Authorities showcases 50 examples of better regulation initiatives from 14 countries. The wide range of approaches reported reflects the different regulatory and legal structures and contexts in the Member States, such as the different relationships between permitting and inspection bodies.

A number of trends in better regulation approaches were identified:

  • More evidence of sector-based approaches
  • Streamlining or integrating approaches for companies which are carrying out similar activities across multiple sites.
  • Bringing different types of inspection activity together in a single or harmonized process which increases coherence and reduces costs to business and authorities.
  • Identifying opportunities for other inspectorates, or even commercial organisations, to undertake areas of inspection activity where it is more effective to do so.
  • Relatively few of the initiatives included an assessment of the intended benefits regarding environmental outcomes, or cost savings to business and regulatory bodies.

The project makes a number of recommendations for EU and national law makers including the need to ensure sufficient flexibility to:

  • enable IMPEL members to adopt better regulation approaches to setting conditions/permits, and that these can be integrated into national delivery frameworks.
  • ensure that new or revised legislation takes account of the variety of better regulation approaches to inspection being developed by regulators.

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