May 7, 2010

New Publication Draws Attention to the Importance of Environmental Tribunals

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Greening Justice:  Creating and Improving Environmental Courts and Tribunals is a new publication from WRI that profiles 33 environmental tribunals in 21 countries. The report is designed as a guide for government, judicial, and civil society leaders and members of the public who are interested in creating or reforming a specialized environmental court or tribunal to improve access to environmental justice.

The report finds that:

The number of ECTs has grown from only a handful in the 1970s to over 350 in 41 different countries today. Over half of these new courts and tribunals have been created just since 2004. This dramatic growth of ECTs worldwide is a function of other growth – growth in the complexity of environmental laws; in public awareness of environmental problems; and in the pressure on governments to provide access to information, access to public participation, and access to justice in protecting the environment for today’s and future generations.

By defining, 12 “building blocks” or design decisions that characterize all ECTs, the report sets forth a  “toolkit” for creating and improving environmental courts and tribunals (ECT) and for incorporating good design elements and best practices – to assist government and civil society leaders who are considering establishing or reforming an ECT.

The full publication is available for download from WRI at (scroll to the bottom of the page).


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