December 9, 2009

INECE Special Report on Climate Compliance Released

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cover of Special Report

INECE Special Report on Climate Compliance

INECE’s Special Report on Climate Compliance lays the foundation for the importance of considering compliance aspects of climate policy at the national and international levels.

The Special Report features an overview of the argument for compliance in a climate policy context; analysis of the role of compliance in assuring environmental and financial integrity of carbon markets; a review of compliance mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol, lessons from the Montreal Protocol, strategies for improving national implementation of climate requirements, and country case studies.

Among other activities at Copenhagen, INECE participated in a side event, REDD Monitoring for Effective Implementation, presented by Global Witness. The event explored the needs for good governance and a robust monitoring system to support REDD implementation and featured the presentation of a new Global Witness report, Building Confidence in REDD: Monitoring Beyond Carbon.


Carbon Credit fraud causes more than 5 billion euros damage for European Taxpayer

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Europol reports that the European Union (EU) Emission Trading System (ETS) has been the victim of fraudulent traders in the past 18 months. This resulted in losses of approximately 5 billion euros for several national tax revenues. It is estimated that in some countries, up to 90% of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities.
Mr. Wainwright, Director of Europol, says “These criminal activities endanger the credibility of the European Union Emission Trading System and lead to the loss of significant tax revenue for governments. Europol is using its expertise and information capabilities to help target the organised crime groups involved”. Europol has therefore offered its support to the European Commission – DG Environment to safeguard the integrity of the Community Independent Transaction Log.”

December 1, 2009

International Enforcement Initiatives in Transboundary Movements of Waste Workshop

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On 30 November through 1 December, the INECE Seaport Environmental Security Network (SESN) joined international and regional organizations in The Hague to explore possibilities to improve the coordination and synergy between the different activities in the field of international enforcement and capacity building regarding control of transboundary movements of waste.

Participants identified opportunities to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of different projects in the areas of awareness raising, capacity building and operational enforcement cooperation.

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